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MS in the Gym

Leaving the gym tonight, Trainer asks how I’m feeling. “How am I supposed to feel!? My brain is eating itself.” Frustrated. Discouraged. Battle. Fighting for Control over my own body.

I just couldn’t keep up tonight at all. I couldn’t even hold some positions, let alone add weights. My ass still hurts from last night’s injection which made floor work difficult. I felt better engaging my abs and hovering instead of having my cheeks to the floor.

My pace was so slow and my form was shaky and unbalanced. My body was screaming against my brain’s orders like a defiant child. No wonder so many people with MS just roll over and cry for a year at a time. When you grunt and you push and you give it everything you’ve got and can’t make progress or even engage the muscles… Watching them twitch around… mocking me… Just… Horrible.

And then people feel they are being kind by giving you allowances because you’re different and they tell you it’s okay to stop and sit down. NO! I don’t want to sit down. I don’t want to stop! Maybe I can’t do everything that others are doing, but I’m not about to give up!

Do you realize the battle I’m fighting here against my body? Against the negativity? Against unknowns? Trying so hard to focus and keep it together and not yell and scream and cry and punch a wall?!!! Although the wall probably wouldn’t have much to worry about.

So many invisible tethers attached to my body are pulling me backwards faster than I can force out the forward momentum. When does it get easier again?

And then I look in the mirror and slap myself… SNAP OUT OF IT. You couldn’t walk! Remember??? This is still progress.

Oh and Raw Vegan Day 44. Going raw vegan is so much easier than dealing with MS.

A Pro-Con List on 80/10/10

I consider myself to be raw vegan.  Vegan for the animals and raw vegan for health.

I’ve been looking at 80/10/10 lately and am trying to mimic some of the dishes I see from 80/10/10 followers because they look so simple and clean.  I’m also curious about what 80/10/10 would do to my overall health and performance in getting my strength back from my Multiple Sclerosis episode.  The idea of counting macros seems daunting to me.  Nevertheless, more research and experimentation is required.

I don’t really care for labels or sub-labels, but that’s the way people communicate in society.  Identifying by a label can bring comfort, security, and a sense of belonging.  That’s so important, especially when faced with bullying or adversity, however it can backfire into bullying the bullies.

I’ve seen a lot of bullying across the labels.  Vegans hating on Raw Foodists.  Raw Foodists hating on Raw Vegans.  80/10/10s hating on Vegans.  RawTil4s hating on 80/10/10s.  It’s dizzying!

I asked the following question on social media:

Are you vegan or raw vegan and either love or hate the 80/10/10? Why?

I got many responses and compiled the following lists from them:

The Pro List

  • Seems legit to minimize fats and proteins and maximize carbs.
  • There’s no restriction on intake volume.
  • You can avoid and heal from major diseases.
  • Overall it’s easier and faster to clean the kitchen with less food preparation, no cooking, less dishes to wash, and very little kitchen equipment required.
  • Leftovers can be composted with livestock.
  • Thousands of varieties of produce keep it interesting.
  • Cooking destroys nutrients.
  • Mother nature formats our natural food to 80/10/10.
  • Testimonials from people who have tried it say: they felt their absolute best while on it, it helped overcome health issues, it helped with weight loss, they felt their lives changed for the better, it shows people what it really means to be healthy, happy, and thriving, it cures emotional eating, you feel a natural high every day, it allows a person’s full potential to be unlocked, you are more true to yourself and are better able to deal with life, and it reformats the body and mind towards emotional stability, clear and sharp thinking, and has the whole body running smoothly.

The Con List

  • It’s too hard – not enough willpower.
  • It’s too expensive and requires too much eating/overeating.
  • Fear of restriction and boredom.
  • No desire or motivation to go 80/10/10 – vegan or raw vegan makes me happy.
  • Giving up or reducing salt and fat is too challenging.
  • Requires too much preparation, patience, attention to detail, and planning to the point of obsession.
  • Judgment is harsh from others who haven’t tried it because it seems unhealthy and restrictive.
  • Unlearning lifelong eating habits and emotional eating takes time and is challenging.

The Other List (Didn’t answer the specific question about 80/10/10, but still very interesting points!):

  • Raw vegan and 80/10/10 are not the same.
  • Vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.
  • Not everyone knows what 80/10/10 is even if they are vegan or raw.
  • Vegans and raw vegans mostly agree that raw vegan is optimal for health even if they can’t agree that 80/10/10 is optimal.
  • Vegan is more accessible for the masses over raw vegan or 80/10/10.
  • You have to try and test and see what works best for your body.
  • Mono-fasts like “Banana Island” are not normal or healthy.
  • Marathon runner prefers to eat by feel and does 80/10/10 without exact macro measurements.
  • The word “diet” is a turn-off – if you google 80/10/10, the book is titled “The 80/10/10 Diet.”
  • People would prefer to do more raw or aspire to incorporate more, especially if they didn’t have others in the household to consider like sexy vegan chef husbands who override willpower to stay raw when at home and with vegan children. (Understandable!)
  • Prior favorite foods become disgusting – this is both a pro and a con depending on your perspective.
  • Strong preferences for cooked food are hard to override especially when it gets cold. (Oh I know! Staying raw is hard!)
  • Can’t do 80/10/10 because fructose-intolerant and other allergies. (Not much you can do about that!)
  • High fruit, high oil, and low protein seem to work well for Multiple Sclerosis. (Yes I hear that higher fat is better for MS management, but I also hear that they don’t know what causes it and don’t know how to cure it. So how do they know how to best manage it I wonder? All we can go on is how we feel – and if that works best, might as well go for it!)
  • People feel the raw foodist superiority complex and the better-than mentality that you aren’t “vegan enough” are a real turn off from the vegan/animal rights movement.  (This sounds SO familiar… like when vegan wasn’t as mainstream as it is today and all vegetarians had a “complex.”  Tolerance is lacking – bullying is an issue across the board.)

What do you think about 80/10/10?  Is a whole food plant-based diet enough?

I raced a teenager and won.

Really!  I totally did!  Last night, in fact!  I know, I’m not THAT old.  I’m only 30.  I still count this as an accomplishment and let me tell you why!

So last night in the gym parking lot, it was me, my boyfriend, my trainer, and the teenager.  Trainer drew the line on the pavement and ordered his troops to do a full lap of fast running around the lot perimeter.  Eyeballing my competition, I knew I was completely screwed at the start.  There’s no way!  None.  Might as well give everything I have since I’ll be racing myself.

Gimpy (my left side) still isn’t 100%.  I remember being in this parking lot nearly two months ago for my first almost lap of limping around the lot.  I limped so slowly because I wasn’t accustomed to my new gait.  I was also trying very hard not to swing my hips to compensate for the leg muscles refusing to engage.  It took conscious effort with each step to work through the motions and retrain my body, but mainly my brain, to walk again.

Trainer and Boyfriend stayed on either side of me as I limped around with tears and scowls on my face.  It was hard and I was angry and impatient.  I tried to increase my speed just a little.  I used the anger to propel me forward just a little faster.  Trainer and Boyfriend were wary of my tendency to push too fast too soon.  Trainer cautiously pleading with me to slow down and Boyfriend kindly encouraging me to continue at a steady and safe pace, “you can do it, hon.”  Balance.  Hah!  I didn’t know if I’d ever walk properly again, let alone run.  I had no time for balance.

Back to the teenager.  I’ve seen her in the gym a couple of times and she’s joined our impromptu boot camps twice.  I guess she’s new?  Or just new to the schedule?  She is a client of Trainer, but it doesn’t seem like she wants to be there at all.  Each time I’ve seen her, she belly aches about everything he asks.  Trainer bargains with her repeatedly to get the effort he wants.  She resists or refuses or gives half effort and quits.  I suppose her parents are paying?  If she wants to be there, she has an interesting way of showing it.  She’s strong and fast, as most teenagers are.  It’s not that she can’t!  She just doesn’t have any drive to put in any effort.  But she could easily beat me in a race.  Easily could.  But didn’t.

Ready, set, go!  Off they went ahead of me.  Boyfriend in the lead, Trainer catching up to Boyfr…. wait… what the hell?  Trainer is running backwards… and gaining on Boyfriend.  What?  Really?  LOL!  Teenager is ahead of me but starting to lose momentum.  In fact, her arms are flailing a bit and she’s grabbing her side.  She stops.

We haven’t even rounded the first corner when I pass her.  I look ahead and see Trainer and Boyfriend keeping pace with each other.  Trainer running backwards and Boyfriend running forwards.  I’m trying not to laugh so I can keep breathing through my own strides.  I look back.  Teenager is walking leisurely.  I look forward at the pavement.  Okay.  You know what?  You don’t want it?  I’m going to take it.  GIMPY is taking you down.  And as I rounded the last corner to the finish line, I see Teenager clumping through the middle of the lot at her leisurely pace while Trainer argues with her “Really?!”

Even against seemingly impossible odds, I’m still going to keep trying.  I won because she didn’t want to try.  I’ll take that victory and I’ll keep trying.

Gym Challenges – Weakness – MS

Last Thursday, my trainer asked me to stay home from the gym and take an additional rest day because of the recent round of weakness.  I was getting dizzy and unable to lift even close to my usual amounts.  …this too shall pass …please.

My weekly one hour training session is officially on Saturdays, but I try to go Monday-Thursday after work as well.  Friday is the set rest day because the gym closes early on this day and I can’t make it across town fast enough from work.  Sunday is the optional make-up day or alternate rest day.  5-6 days a week in the gym is good.  My trainer will work with me and his other clients if he’s free during the week.  I look forward to the impromptu boot camps.  He is the kind of person that will give above and beyond if you reciprocate with effort.  I’m happy to push and he’s happy to give.  It’s not special treatment though.  He spoils all of his dedicated clients this way.

I’ve been going through phases of weakness in my fitness and am in one right now.  I’ve noticed it more since the hospital, but I also knew this battle all too well for several years prior to the hospital.  It just didn’t have a diagnosis yet.  I was hard on myself and called myself weak or lazy or just not dedicated enough.  I know, it’s bad to beat myself up… I’ll share that story another day.

Now I know with confirmation on the MRI images showing the 4 lesions that there’s a logical reason for the weakness.  I also notice that my writing isn’t as good when I go through the weakness.  My brain gets a little slow.  Everything slows down.  And then, when my brain is ready, I am allowed to resume at a normal pace and reality.

I am coming out of it soon.  I can feel it.  For now, I take it slow on the treadmill or elliptical and get demoted to the baby weights at 3 and 5 pounds.  Ridiculous and embarrassing, but this is the new normal I need to come to terms with.  I’m not always going to be strong.  I’m not always going to be able to bump up the weight.  I’m not always going to be able to do more than I did yesterday.  And I need to learn to be okay with this and love my overall progress.  It’s easy to get discouraged, but it would be far worse to wallow or quit.  I must keep my head up and continue moving forward.  One step at a time.  One rep at a time.  One lap at a time.  One breath at a time.

Raw Vegan Day 30

Kale Bowl – Green and purple kale with avocado drowned in a warm tomato, carrot, and celery broth.

(Broth – 1 carton of heirloom tomatoes, about 2 cups of water, a little brown miso paste, 3 drops of Sriracha, 2 carrots, and 2 celery stalks warmed for a couple minutes in the Vitamix.)

Fruit Plate – Quick Snack – 2 apples, 1 orange, and 1 pomegranate.

Breakfast today was a 32 ounce banana, date, and flaxseed smoothie with cinnamon and allspice.

Lunch yesterday was 1 whole small watermelon juiced.

Breakfast yesterday was a smoothie made from 1 whole pineapple, half an apple, 2 bananas, and 2 carrots.

I’m rocking the raw cravings like it’s second nature now.  I’m doing less thinking and less conscious determination to stick with it and avoid temptation.   Best yet, cooked food now smells slightly dead and not as appetizing to me now.  The downside is that meat and dairy absolutely stink like decay and putrid rotting filth.  I can’t believe that I used to eat that stuff.

I became vegetarian in 2003 and vegan in 2009.  I went raw vegan on October 12, 2014 because I couldn’t bear the thought of beginning injections for Multiple Sclerosis without doing absolutely everything in my power to heal myself.  I began injections on the same day.  I will post those first few documented weeks sometime soon.

Some things about being raw still confuse me.  I will look up “raw vegan” recipes online and see people worrying about warming their raw food but not above an exact temperature, and then I’ll see all sorts of non-raw food items (mostly to add flavoring) in the same recipe.  It seems highly contradictory to me, although I’m still reading about this and learning the new lifestyle as I go.  Right now, I simply go by touch, smell, taste, and sight.  I don’t want to cook my food or kill any enzymes, and I don’t even do a warmed dish every day, although I might be more inclined to do this when it gets colder.

Also, salt?!?!?!  Supposedly that’s still allowed??  Along with soy sauce?  Miso?  I even saw somewhere that almond milk and tofu are allowed?  I’m not so certain about all that… more research is required before I overdo it on any of that.  I did see that a couple of tiny drops are okay of certain spices even if they aren’t raw.  I’m just skeptical right now and don’t want to falsely claim that I’m 100% fully raw if I’m unintentionally not.  Ah well, we live and we learn.  Onward and upward into this lifestyle!

Strength in the Face of MS

You think I’m strong? You think I’m brave? That’s because I’ve already gone through the struggle by the time I share it with the world.

I get angry a lot now. I cry a lot. I get scared. I get sad. I yell. I growl. I clench my teeth and fists. I cry some more. I ask for more gym pain because it feels better than my own pain. I ask pointless questions like “what did I do wrong to cause this?” and dwell on meaningless googled answers like, “environmental toxins.”  I get weak.  I get frustrated easily.  It’s a battle to not accidentally take it out on others.

I get scared and snappy before injections now after having experienced a couple of botched ones.  Either too deep into the muscle, too shallow not hitting the fat, or even just hitting a nerve will hurt like a monster for hours!   As a needle phobic, the injection itself actually isn’t that bad.  The needle is small and the autoject does the work for me.

I had a decent injection last night, but I still got scared and snappy with my boyfriend before it because of the fear of the previous botched injections. He helped me administer this one on the back of my arm.  It’s a matter of keeping my hands steady through the fear in anticipation of the pain, which is still very annoying for several hours even when the injection is done properly.  “Stop shaking and just pull the trigger!!”  I yell at myself.

I don’t feel like what I’m called.  Brave and strong.  More often than not, I am just fighting another battle because that’s just what I have to do.  And I’m scared even when I stay focused on the positive.  It’s scary.  I’m angry.  And I’m tired.

I’m fatigued from fighting fatigue.  I work hard making time to eat clean and exercise every single day.  I’m afraid to slow down because I’m afraid I won’t be able to start again if I stop.  Sure my lifestyle fights fatigue, and it does work!  I do sacrifice sleep and a social life to fit it all in.  That’s okay though.  My main focus is to get well and stay well.  If I’m not well, what’s the point?

From immobile to running a mile in less than 2 months

Yesterday, I ran a little more than a mile and bench pressed 20 pounds on the big bar, so whatever the bar weighs plus 20.  Someone told me the bar is 45 pounds.  Baby steps to heavy lifting.

I was asked yesterday on social media about this, “Are you doing something else besides (raw vegan) to help you improve your running?”

Yes absolutely.  A bunch of things!  Each day I work hard and have been working hard since day 1 (September 8, 2014).

Back up to September 8th when I went to the hospital with my left arm and leg totally numb and limp at my side.  Since day 1 in the hospital, I walked every day while I was there (even when I couldn’t walk properly).  I raised my arms and legs up and down slightly while laying in the hospital bed.  I kept doing it until I sweat and then some.  I cried because I was scared and they didn’t know what was wrong with me, but that fear just fueled me to work harder to fix myself.  I worked up to sitting up and walking on my own and then doing laps around the neuro ward by the 4th day.  The physical therapist came to see me on day 3 and was so impressed at what I had already accomplished.  She had nothing new to teach me.  I taught her a dexterity game I had come up with.  She said she would teach it to patients to make therapy more fun.

Even if it was just the task of sitting up in bed or getting up from the bed or walking to the bathroom, I pushed hard and did it by myself.  I told people to back off when they would try to help me.  I muscled through excruciating frustration, humiliation, and pain with my brain not engaging my muscles properly.  I stood in front of the mirror and did exercises between medical tests and worked on controlling the movements with my brain.  Jedi mind tricks.  I walked slow and steady by myself but with a limp when I left the hospital.

The first two weeks after the hospital were the hardest. I cried during my first yoga class because I couldn’t stand up on my yoga mat properly with my feet together without losing balance.  But I kept trying to do it through the tears and didn’t quit.  I finished the class doing all that I could do and cried some more.  They still hadn’t firmly diagnosed me with MS (pending spinal tap results).

I declined physical therapy and went with a personal trainer in my local gym.  From day one, he had me walking forwards and backwards with assistance at first and each day going further and further.  We worked on the pavement in the parking lot and eventually made it around the entire building.  I wobbled a lot and fought balance and coordination, but I never let myself fall.  If I felt like I was going to fall, I would stop, rebalance, and then continue onward.

From day one in the gym, I had weights in my hands to work on strengthening and reengaging function in those weak joints and muscles.  There were a lot of weak and limp spots.  I did assisted leg presses with my weak leg with no added weight at first.  I did partial squats and lunges as far as I could go into the position.  I worked my core and did yoga balancing exercises.  I had assisted deep stretching to manually work the muscles that could not yet engage.  I stayed self aware and cried ALOT but kept pushing through the tears.

I think going raw also helps with increasing my running stamina.

Long story short, I continue to fight each and every day for improvement in all areas of my body.  I’m getting stronger and faster and I don’t even walk with a limp anymore.  I still have weakness and backsliding days, but overall I’m getting stronger.  I’m not stopping the fight to improve.  To move.  I remember not being able to sit up in bed or stand up without wobbling and that pushes me just a little further each day.

At first, it felt really hopeless and impossible and I had many moments of tearful pity parties.  The fatigue was VERY hard to work through in the beginning.  I would feel so horrible most of the time and would find myself barely hanging on to the elliptical or to my trainer for support.

The most important part was not stopping the momentum.  Working hard even when I felt horrible.  My excuses had to become my reasons.  Fatigue lessens with exercise and raw eating so I don’t have to struggle as hard anymore.  Each day you push through the symptoms and do what needs to be done, the next day will be easier.  And then the next.

It’s okay to be tired.  It’s okay to hurt.  It’s okay to cry.  It’s okay to be angry.  It’s okay to feel uncomfortable.  It’s okay to struggle.  It’s all okay because it gets easier the harder you work.  One day at a time.  One breath at a time.

Raw Vegan Days 1-12

October 12, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 1

Breakfast smoothie: 4 large bananas, 1 mango, 2 turmeric roots, and 2 leaves of kale.

Lunch: Transitioning to fully raw vegan would be so much easier if I actually had a sweet tooth. Oh well! Gotta keep fruiting myself!!!  Devouring a whole baby watermelon!!!

Dinner: Bowl of spinach, 2 yellow squash spiralized, and pink sauce made with tomato, beet, green onion, cashews, cold pressed flaxseed oil, and a dash of apple cider vinegar. I’m about to mix everything together.

October 13, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 2

Of course I brought a ton of extra food to work. I’m not risking getting stuck in Corporate America hungry and craving almost 30 miles away from home.  5 bananas, 2 apples, 2 mangos, 2 large 7-cup bowls of watermelon, and 1 large 7-cup bowl of leftover spinach, yellow squash noodles, and tomato beet pink sauce with an extra small tin of the last of the pink sauce on the side.

I injected myself for the first time yesterday with the help of an auto injector to begin Multiple Sclerosis medication. I will do this 3 times a week. And I didn’t cry… too hard. Actually the shot itself was fine until about 30 seconds later and then WOWZA does it sting for several hours afterwards!!

I went fully raw vegan yesterday and I’m not looking back. I can already feel that my skin is softer and cooler. I still hate bananas, but they are so cheap…!! Lol!

Jasmine and lavender essential oils mixed together smell like a bathroom. Don’t try that!!!

I’m grateful for all the wonderful and supportive people out there who offer advice, guidance, and sometimes just a virtual hug. Thank you!!

Got back from the gym and haven’t had dinner yet. I have an idea about making a cucumber melon smoothie.  Half a honeydew and a whole large cucumber in the Ninja. That’s it!

October 14, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 3

Slaughtered… 2 mangos and a small papaya.

Injected myself. Cried like a baby during the painful aftermath of stinging and throbbing. Wiped my tears. Now time to take out some anger on this spiralizer and make some raw vegan comfort noodles.

October 15, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 4

Caught myself in the mirror. “What is on my face??! Is that… glow?”

Green apple, red apple, mango, and leftover zoodles with homemade sauce of tomatoes, strawberries, green onions, potato, lemon basil, and I can’t remember what else! Fully raw vegan noms!!!

Coworker:     You like eating a lot of bananas?
Me:                     No. I really hate them. But I eat them for nutritional value.
Coworker:     Bananas are the only fruit I can stand. I stay away from other fruit because it contains too much sugar.
Me:                     ::eye-twitch::

October 16, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 5

What what!!! Cravings are for warm salty soup. I am resisting like a champ. Discipline. Willpower. I got this.

I got hit on at the park yesterday by a young man who claims he’s old enough to buy alcohol now!! He wanted to know how old I was and why I wasn’t married. I said I’m 30 and I fired my ex husband, but I have a wonderful boyfriend now who is also old enough to buy alcohol. He still wanted my number. I said, nope! I’m faithful, but that’s sweet. Hey! I still got it!!

This morning in the elevator to the office, a woman pointed to my grocery bag full of veggies and fruit and said, “so did you go to the farmers market or something?” I said, “haha no that’s just my lunch for today.” Her face…

Tonight is my third MS injection. I’m thinking I will go to the gym before the injection this time. On Tuesday I thought I’d go the the gym after the injection to take my mind off things, but that didn’t work out. So, tonight! Gym, then hot bath, then injection. The order of operations is very important to figure out so that I stick to the schedule and don’t sacrifice anything! Heh…. stick. Oh I’m puny today.

And the first book to make it to my house after my massive health book order is…. The 80/10/10 Diet!!! Is this a sign? Hmmm.

October 17, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 6

Eat to Live.

Raw organic corn might be my new favorite salad topping.

Raw Vegan Day 6. Already? Yes, I can do this long term.

Eggplant does not spiralize well, but it’s lovely in the food processor. lol! Lesson learned!!

Last night, I ran the furthest I’ve run so far, and my speed was faster!! All the way around the gym building and the perimeter of the parking lot without stopping. I can almost run backwards too!

3rd MS injection last night in the other quad. Still hurt and I got lightheaded, but not nearly as painful like Tuesday. I’m thinking I went too deep on Tuesday and hit muscle. My quads are pretty tight and the skin is thinner. Lesson learned, adjusted the injection gun, and made notes for next time.

SO, total lifestyle changes in the last little over a month have been:

-Rejoined gym and personal trainer targeting 5-6 days a week minimum.

-Hospitalized for the first time ever and told I had a right hemisphere stroke – nope.

-Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

-Relearned to walk, run, drive, type, work, and take care of myself through a LOT of sweat and tears.

-Went raw vegan and will read and adopt the 80/10/10 lifestyle.

-Learned to inject myself even though I’m still very much needle phobic.

I’d say I earned my Big Girl Panties this month.

October 18, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 7

New running record! 2/5ths of a mile without stopping!! I’m getting my left side back one way or another!! No excuses! No limits!! No compromises!

The truth…

It’s a conscious decision and requires some effort more than once an hour. Is it uncomfortable at times? Absolutely. Am I tempted to cheat? You bet!

I want some Thai Spicy Soup and Kung Pao Vegan Beef from my favorite vegan restaurant. I sat in there on Friday with my boyfriend watching him eat a big bowl of their delicious soup and then some fried rice with cooked veggies as I ate my raw veggie salad with no dressing. It wasn’t absolute torture because I chose not to focus on the inconvenience of my desire being unfulfilled. It was still a frequent and conscious choice to abstain from the cooked and processed vegan foods.

I literally walk through the grocery store now muttering under my breath, “I am raw vegan. I am raw vegan. No! Look away from the Tofurkey! I am raw vegan. Ah shit there’s that habanero jack Daiya cheese… and Sprouted Tofu… NO! Look away from that! Look at these delicious tomatoes and look how luscious the strawberries are and LOOK at this over here that I CAN have.”

I am rewiring my brain and training my body to accept living foods only and to trigger internal healing processes. That takes time and practice. Sometimes it is frustrating and annoying. That’s okay and to be expected. My eyes will eventually glaze over the temptation and it will get easier and easier… just like it was giving up meat at first, and then dairy, and then going full vegan.

I remind myself WHY I’m doing this. I’m not doing this for my culinary pleasure. I’m not doing this because I just want to be even more strange and annoying to society than I already am. I’m doing this with purpose and intent much larger than a temporary desire or old comfort or habit fulfilled.

It’s hard. Absolutely. Big lifestyle changes are never easy. And that’s okay. I embrace the challenge and expect to be tested repeatedly.

October 19, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 8

Maybe I’m detoxing. I just wanted to sleep all day.

MS injection #4 on the back of my Gimpy arm with assistance from my love. Best boyfriend ever held the gun very steady.

Breakfast – leftover curry noodle salad.

Lunch – failed attempt at all fruit ice cream so it became a smoothie – 7 or 8 bananas, 1 pint of strawberries, 1 cup of blackberries, 1 cup of raspberries, flaxseed oil, and cacao nibs.

Dinner – slow dehydrated spinach and sweet potato chips and a juice of carrots, apple, cucumber, spinach, and sweet potato.

I’m feeling the raw food work its magic. My body is changing.

My kitchen is completely transforming!! The crock pots, skillets, coffee makers, can openers, and crappy food processor all went away. The stove and oven are never used. The built-in microwave tells the time and is extra storage. The juicer, Ninja blender, and Spiralizer have their own spots on the countertops. My island has become a glorified fruit stand!!!

October 20, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 9

Already? This is going fast and getting easier. Woke up too early with too much energy. …Raw vegan problems.

Packed my food for Corporate America. 7 oranges, 2 bananas, 1 pear, half a giant jicama chopped into sticks for dipping, 1 large 7 cup bowl of fresh guacamole made from 2 large cucumbers, 5 small avocados, 1 large tomato, 3 banana peppers, 2 green onions, juice from a lemon and a lime, and lots of fresh garlic cloves (the spice comes from the garlic). The large cucumbers bulk up the guacamole without using too many avocados.

Probably a green juice or green smoothie for dinner.

October 21, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 10

Yep, I’m clearly detoxing. The unnecessary and unhealthy are finding their way out. And I don’t just mean in the physical sense. Phases of fatigue and high energy keep this rollercoaster moving forward. My tolerance for bullshit is gone.

You would think a long time vegan wouldn’t have much to detox. It just goes to show me how corrupt and polluted the vegan (specialty, junk, and processed) foods have become. Scary.

I remember when I first went vegetarian, and I had soy milk. That was it. And I felt fabulous. What happened along the way? We went too mainstream?

Like Oreos, just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

I haven’t posted about my weight in a while. I was 210 several months ago.  Today I am 189, but I saw 188 and 190 over the weekend. I’m not fretting about it. I’m just watching it drop away slowly.  Let it go! Let it go!

Go vegan for the animals.  Go raw vegan for yourself.

October 22, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 11

“Put the child in a room with a lamb and a banana. Sit back and watch to see which he plays with and which he eats. We can be fairly sure of the outcome.”
-Dr. Douglas N. Graham in the 80/10/10 Diet

Simplicity. Gratitude. Logic. Making peace.

Last night my MS injection aftermath was the most painful yet. Upper right hip. Either it went too deep and hit muscle or maybe it hit a nerve. Two more injection sites until I complete my first rotation around the body. Noted the reaction and will try not to do that again. The more I do it, the easier it will get.

About to have a follow up with my Neuro doctor. I can’t wait to show him my left side strength that I’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Thinking alive. Feeling alive. Being alive. Appreciate this breath!!!

Well I just had my ass handed to me in the gym. Humbled!! Admittedly, it’s been an odd week and day.

In addition to being sleep deprived all week I did a fasting blood test this morning after the neuro doc, so already my caloric intake and metabolism were way off from the start.

I had a singular underripe banana for breakfast in the car at 10:30am while rushing from doing blood work to get across town 40 miles to work.

Lunch, I was feeling like experimenting. I had 4 tiny potatoes, 1 small eggplant, 2 tiny avocados, half a carton of raspberries, several jicama sticks, a quarter of a small pineapple, and a tiny amount of leftover okra and tomatoes. Not nearly enough calories.

Dinner I made Mystery Green Dragon Wing salad which I posted pictures of. I barely ate from it and still have about a 4 cup container left for tomorrow, although it was fabulous.

Lack of fuel, lack of sleep, and my body did NOT want to coordinate or lift anything in the gym today. Blah blah arg…

But that’s okay. Pushing through these days will make me stronger. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean I get to give up. NOPE. I am moving forward even if I have setbacks from time to time.

October 23, 2014 – Raw Vegan Day 12

When you are 70, what are you going to be doing?

Overheard in the lunchroom spoken by a young 30 something woman just now:

“When I’m 70, I’m just going to sit there. I don’t understand these old people who do stuff!”

Wow… I feel bad for her and her mentality. When I’m 70, I want to be a yoga teacher or a marathoner or a chef. I’m not quitting life at any point.

I’ve conquered eating raw zucchini, yellow squash, red potato, eggplant, and okra. I’m going to learn to eat raw acorn squash, butternut squash, and pumpkin next.

I’ve conquered mono-meals of a whole bag of grapes, 8 oranges, a pineapple, a papaya, and a honeydew so far. I want to work up to a large watermelon.

I’ve played the game called “Spiralize Everything in the Kitchen” and won. I’m really liking the fettuccini-like flat noodle size.

I’ve been dropping weight fairly consistently. I weighed 187.0 this morning with 186.9 flickering (top was 210).

I’ve been told this is all I talk about ever – being vegan and now raw vegan. I wouldn’t say all, but it’s an accomplishment I’m REALLY proud of. You know what the hardest part is? Making the decision. It requires a substantial amount of brain un-washing. I worked hard to get to this point and I’m happy to share that it’s possible from someone who once believed it wasn’t.

I’ve been encouraged and supported from numerous people over the globe and have encouraged and supported numerous people over the globe in return. I’ve been given all sorts of recipes and advice and I’m so grateful for it all.

I’ve been told that I’ll probably die as a raw vegan. This actually might be true, but not in the way it was intended.

I’ve also ordered a reconditioned Vitamix, because I made 12 days raw vegan. Happy 12 days to me and many more.


September 27 – October 11, 2014

September 27, 2014

I woke up this morning feeling very tired, grumpy, and sore. Gimpy (my left side) is generally more numb and weak in the morning time. You know what I’m going to do about this?

Go back to bed? No.

I did about 2 hours today in the gym. Part of the warm up was fast walking outside around the building. I had not yet been able to fast walk until today! Balance and coordination are coming back! Also did some walking backwards with spotters.

The work out consisted of controlled stair steps cardio followed by legs, core, and arms on the weight machines with intense assisted deep stretching for cool down.

I was stumbling out in a good way. 

September 28, 2014

Gym meditations planned for today:

The fully raw organic vegan lifestyle… will it stop and reverse Multiple Sclerosis? What about Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism?

Yes, I’m willing to try if there’s even a small chance of success. Resistances and old habits must be dealt with like cooked comforts.

Fear of going hypoglycemic with any diet change… I already conquered being pre-diabetic in the 6th grade caused by the S.A.D. upbringing. Vegan diet reversed this. I must trust that my body will adjust appropriately given the proper fuel.

Peace and healing in my subconscious mind must become a priority. Things I read about today talk about severe childhood stress and psychological trauma causing dis-ease in the body in adulthood then causing manifestations as autoimmune diseases even with decent lifestyle choices. There is more work to be done than I previously thought. It’s not as simple as “get over it” which I thought I had already done. I don’t bitch or fret about the past much anymore, but apparently my body is still manifesting dis-ease.

Can I use meditation as a way to repair the current damage in my brain? My next MRI will certainly show the truth.

September 29, 2014

Living Food Day 1:

Eating every 2-3 hours to increase metabolism and exercising with cardio and weight lifting for an hour a day minimum.

Meal #1 – 1 dragon fruit and 2 bananas.

Meal #2 – 1 head red romaine topped with dill kraut.

Meal #3 – black grapes and 1 green pear.

Meal #4 – 2 small honeycrisp apples, 1 large cucumber, and 1 large orange bell pepper.

Meal #5 – kale chips.

Meal #6 – 1 raw revolution golden cashew bar.

Meal #7 – undecided – either a small watermelon, honeydew, or papaya.

Meal #8 – Optional. 1 banana with chia seeds and cinnamon. Maybe an avocado and tomato if I’m still hungry.

Note… I hate bananas. I’m eating them for health reasons. It’s not about my pleasure. It’s about my health.

MS causes brain fog.
Raw vegan causes mental clarity.

MS causes low energy.
Raw vegan causes high energy.

What are some others, I wonder?

And everything else, I must let go. It’s not in my control.

September 30, 2014

Living Food Day 2.

I did one day fully raw organic! Happy dance!!

Real food line up:
1 dragon fruit, 4 bananas, generous vine full of black grapes, 6 vine ripe tomatoes, 3 small avocados, 1 bundle of kale, 1 green bell pepper, bunch of baby broccoli, and 1 large cucumber.

I made veggie dressing with water, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic cayenne, and organic salt-free lemon pepper with nutritional yeast and a small amount of miso paste as the salt.

I feel clean and energetic so far! I even noticed that my brain wasn’t as foggy when I woke up this morning.

The only slightly annoying things I noticed were my auto-pilot tendency to desire warm food after work and also my body temperature was cooler than normal.

End of raw organic Day 2 and I observe that I haven’t really been hungry since eating breakfast.

I nibbled on tomatoes, kale, cucumber, bell pepper, and avocado for lunch, but really it was because I looked at the clock and thought, “it’s time to eat.” But my body didn’t need to eat. SO ODD!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

I had a “raw beer” (Kombucha), Raw Revolution bar, and some kale chips for dinner. I always crave warm and processed in the evening after work. I indulged in these to satisfy my craving, but truly, I wasn’t that hungry. Hm.

October 1, 2014

Raw food line-up Day 3:

1 dragon fruit, 3 bananas, 1 papaya, and 2 tangelos, and IF I’m still hungry today, I have 2 small honey crisp apples, an orange bell pepper, a large cucumber, and some baby broccoli with tomatoes just in case.

Papaya for lunch!!!! SO… This just happened in the kitchen at work!

Bro: you trying to be healthy or something?

Me: something like that.

Bro: is that all you’re eating?

Me: for now. I’ve already had a dragon fruit, 2 bananas, and 2 tangelos. I have some baby broccoli and tomatoes, and cucumber, bell pepper, and honey crisp apples for later.

Bro: sounds like you won’t lose much weight eating all that.

Me: who said I was trying to lose weight?

Bro runs away in fear.

October 2, 2014

Gratitude, raw organic adventures, and gym meditations.

I’m so happy to be able to walk and type today. I’m glad for knowing some wonderful people. As my inner self changes, so do the types of people around me. Respecting myself means knowing when to let go and not look back. Respecting myself means nurturing pure love in all forms.

I only ate raw organic baby broccoli for breakfast and half a papaya for lunch. I didn’t really have an appetite until I came home from work today. Then hunger set in. Zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce took 5 whole minutes to make from scratch! It was so tasty I didn’t even take a picture before it was inhaled.

In my past, I sacrificed my gym time to please another. I put his happiness and comfort before my health and goals. I was happy to do it too. Lessons learned, this time around, gym time is my time. I’ll leave when I’m ready.

October 3, 2014

Day 5 raw organic vegan.

Honestly this is not as hard as I thought it would be. Although, this time, I had been increasing my raw intake for several months prior to this attempt.

This morning, I woke up ravenous!!! I also pushed hard at the gym last night and did 65 minutes on the elliptical at level 12 intensity, which is my best time and highest level since before the hospital.

I made fat cucumber noodles with 2 large cucumbers. The green sauce was kale, broccoli, macadamia nuts, tomato, onion powder, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, and a little garlic pink Himalayan sea salt. I topped the dish with lemon pepper. And that was breakfast.

I have a whole honeydew, half a papaya, and some chopped apples, cucumber, and bell pepper on hand if I get hungry at work.

October 4, 2014

Pre-gym breakfast smoothie – 4 bananas, 2 cups of red grapes, 2 leaves of swiss chard, 1 scoop of Essential Greens powder (Genesis Today), and cinnamon with unsweetened coconut milk.


I took off jogging for the first time since before the hospital and shocked the shit out of my boyfriend and personal trainer. I lasted the length of the parking lot in front of the gym.

Although, the left knee was spasming for the rest of the training session, I was very proud of this first time jogging accomplishment.

It was hard to accept just how weak my left knee was during the remainder of the session and I got down on myself… frustrated and angry. Tears.

PERSPECTIVE. A little less than a month ago, I couldn’t walk. Keep it in perspective, Rebecca. Stay proud , be grateful, and be gentle with yourself.

October 5, 2014

I shared a breakfast juice with boyfriend.

4 apples, 1 pear, 6 carrots, 4 pieces of turmeric root, and 3 stalks of celery.

We bought our first real mattress and have been working very hard at sleeping on it all day.

Previous beds for both of us include:
-the floor.
-sleeping bag.
-air mattress.
-air mattress with sleeping bag. I call this the Redneck Pillow Top!
-a relative’s crappy discarded and heavily used mattress. Ew.
-a new mattress bought at an auction that was previously displayed in a model home which was essentially a model mattress and not ever designed for anyone to actually sleep on. The model mattress was the one they hauled away in place of this real mattress today. Ouch!!! My back!!

I am not a good sleeper anyway and need all the quality sleep I can get in this MS battle. It was time for both of us, but it also became a necessity now for good health.

October 7, 2014

4 bananas, 2 apples, 2 pears, a Raw Revolution coconut delight bar, a cucumber, a tomato, 2 bell peppers, and some raw horseradish leek kraut for the rest of the day. If I am hungry later, I will have some raw kale chips and a raw Kombucha.

October 8, 2014

My lunch is laughing at the frozen microwave lunches.

1 yellow bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, raw horseradish leek kraut, and raw superfood kale chips.

This was my big fatty meal of the day. Let’s calculate an estimate!

50 calories for each large bell pepper = 100 calories. I am estimating that I used half the bag of Kraut which makes 60 calories = 160. And I used the whole bag of k
ale which is 220 calories.

So grand total was 380 calories for that HUGE plate of food towering over any tiny frozen entree with more calories and crap than I can count.

But truth be told, I don’t care about calories at all.

Gratitude. MS Battle.

I’ll be honest. It was a tough morning. I ended up late to work due to the battle. I got to work and my bosses were surprisingly supportive! I usually put on a strong face, but sometimes it’s obvious that it’s just a plain tough day.

It got better as the day went on and I think it really helped that the bosses were being patient. I worked hard, ate my raw organic vegan food, took my supplements, and did an hour on the elliptical at the gym with level 12 intensity.

I’m grateful that my bosses were patient today. I’m grateful to myself for staying strong and getting it done. I’m grateful that exercise and nutritious food have a way of making me feel better. And I’m so grateful to flop into a cushy real bed at the end of another day won.

MS, you can huff and puff, but you aren’t going to keep me down.

Can’t walk in the morning and Beast Mode activated in the evening! After the elliptical, I had to just stand there until my left knee would hold my weight again. And then I limped out of the gym proudly.

I like the elliptical because I can hold on when I get unbalanced. I just grip really hard and use my upper body to compensate and push the machine forward.

October 9, 2014

MS, Thyroid, and Raw book order.

The First Year: Multiple Sclerosis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
By Margaret Blackstone

Awkward Bitch: My Life with MS
By Donato Parmelee

MS – Living Symptom Free
By Daryl Bryant

Healing Hashimoto’s: A Savvy Patient’s Guide
By Alan Christianson

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause
By Izabella Wentz

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Food and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration
By Robert Morse

The 80/10/10 Diet
By Douglas Graham

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis: An Evidence-Based Guide to Recovery
By George Jelinek

Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox, & Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery
By Ann Boroch

The MS Recovery Diet
By Ann Sawyer

Eat to Live
By Joel Fuhrman

The Starch Solution
By John McDougall

October 10, 2014

Lesson learned. I allowed myself some cooked food this week while still being at least 80% raw and have felt HORRIBLE. Good thing I have the 80/10/10 book in the mail. Fully raw organic is happening. It seems like the only way to feel normal.

I start self injections on Sunday with the help of a nurse who is coming to teach me. Ugh. More needles.

I went to the gym during lunch because MS is being a bully this week. It’s my reason to push harder.

It appears there is no going back (from raw).   Not entirely a bad thing.

Someone told me I have serious GUTS! I love it! I got guts. Just call me Guts!

October 11, 2014

Woke up with fever and swollen itchy throat. Are allergies really that bad (I rarely get allergies!!) or am I seriously sick on top of all this mess? Okaaaay… You think I wasn’t being challenged enough before? Fine. GUTS will handle this. NEXT!

I’ve made a decision. Tomorrow is going to be my 100% fully raw vegan anniversary. It’s a good day for an anniversary. 10/12/14.

Just spent $65 on produce at Sprouts – mostly organic.

I went by the dirty and clean produce lists.  http://www.fullyraw.com/dirty-dozen-clean-15/

2 watermelons, 1 honeydew, 6 mangos, 2 small papayas, 4 big bunches of bananas, 2 bundles of spinach, 4 cucumbers, 4 sweet potatoes (love to juice these), 1 eggplant, 1 bundle of asparagus, 8 green apples, and 2 bags of rainbow carrots. Then add $20 for 6 kombuchas… Raw vegan “beer.”

This is so awesome. I’ve been wanting this for so long but always felt so weak. I know now I wasn’t weak, but I had to take time to unlearn, reprogram, and take small gradual steps to cut my addictions one at a time. Salt will be hard… And I love warm savory flavors. I will adjust in time and find alternatives.

Tomorrow I also start my Copaxone injections. I refuse to begin this medication without beginning the 100% raw vegan journey too.

4 bananas, 2 small turmeric roots, 2 large leaves of kale, 1 small papaya, and unfiltered cold pressed flaxseed oil. You know what? It’s actually quite good. I CAN DO THIS.

I have one day to figure out how I’m going to do 100% fully raw meals in Corporate America with 12-16 hours away from home Monday through Friday.

I’m thinking the night before each day, I will spiralize a large bowl of zoodles and make a savory creamy sauce with tomatoes, beets, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and nuts. I’ll also prepare a large green salad with a fruity dressing. I’ll make 2 bowls of fruit for snacking or just take a melon. I anticipate a fruit juice or smoothie for breakfast at home. Dinner might be the same or maybe a raw veggie soup. Emergency snacks will be raw revolution bars. Junk food will be raw kale chips. “Beer” will be Kombucha.

On the go raw meal planning will be challenging until I get the hang of this. Ideas are appreciated!! The goal is to stay satisfied.

September 17 – 26, 2014 – Recovery

September 17, 2014

First doctor of the day says likely not MS and was most likely a stroke. I just want to know the truth. I need an answer. Also, what caused a 30 year old vegan to have a stroke? Also, steroids suck and may have been for nothing.

To answer the questions –
I don’t get migraines. I’ve been vegan since 2009, don’t smoke, enjoy exercise, and don’t take birth control. If stroke, it was non bleeding. My cardiovascular health is apparently excellent after the recent tests and no hole on heart was found. Yes, I do have a high stress job that is mostly sedentary, but I take yoga breaks throughout the day. Didn’t get hair done, massaged, or chiropractor before it happened. I keep salt limited already and do many raw meals as normal dietary practice.

Also thank you again for the feedback. I have more websites to read! Xoxo!!!

To answer more questions-

I have received chiropractic care before and do maintenance adjustments as needed. I hadn’t had one recently though and did actually think it was a pinched nerve at first. MRI showed otherwise.

I am well versed in the Gerson documentaries and therapy. I love this very much.

Again, I already do many raw meals as my usual practice and limit salt and processed vegan junk foods.

It’s interesting to have it suggested to me many times over the last two weeks by so many people about what things I must be doing with my lifestyle when I keep saying how I don’t do those things in the first place and then the medical test results prove that my system is healthy on top of that.

The answer is they don’t know because there is no explanation for why this happened at this point. I think that’s why it’s easier to assume MS. And that’s not a guaranty. It could have easily been a bundle of platelets induced by stress. There is no telling right now.

I’m letting it go and just going to do the best i know to do. Exercise, clean vegan, and work on reducing stress.

And yes, that was mentioned in either case of stroke or MS… Being vegan already either slowed the attack and/or saved me from a worse episode.   never going back from that!

September 18, 2014

Excited to be going back to work today. Wonderful boyfriend is driving me so I don’t fall off the freeway while the world spins around. I’m ready to feel strong and independent again.

September 19, 2014

I’m looking around and seeing so many people getting so angry over the small stuff. I’m like, I’m alive right now. And today I’m not in too much pain and I’m feeling good enough to work at my job at this moment. And that’s life being beautiful and perfect.

September 20, 2014

Going to tackle some physical therapy at my local gym with the best certified trainer in the industry.

I either had a stroke or MS episode last week (doctors can’t decide which it was) and I’m in the gym this week.

What’s your REASON? Stay strong, friends.

It was a hard session. Fighting against side effects from medicines. Fighting against weak left limbs. Fighting against pride and the past. Fighting my ego. Fighting impatience. Fighting to overcome.

I will be stronger each day. I will have more control each day. It will get easier. Right now, it’s war. Mentally and physically.

Organic lunch – plain wild rice with raw carrot ginger soup.  Carrots, yellow squash, purple onion, garlic, ginger, celery, with one cup of plain soy milk.

September 21, 2014

Happy to be at work today (Sunday) catching up.

Chocolate vegan Shakeology hand shaken just with plain water and a shot of Alkalinize for extra green power.

One email at a time.

Each day it gets a little easier. Just gotta keep fighting.

September 22, 2014

I drove myself to work this morning. Another recovery step accomplished.

I’m eating every 2 hours to speed up my metabolism.  I had a cup of strawberries to break the fast and then 2 cups of leftover raw carrot ginger soup with plain wild rice and raw sea vegetable kimchi. I’m about to have a banana and raspberries with coconut milk – like cereal, but all fruit with a sprinkle of raw pumpkin seeds.

On the raw menu for the rest of the day – 4 small Roma tomatoes, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 small zucchini, 2 tangelos, 1 large mango, 1 small apple, and several fresh basil leaves.

Then probably a chocolate vegan Shakeology for pre-workout fuel.

Baked squash for dinner. A small block of tofu if I’m still very hungry post workout.  And LOTS of water.

Gym on my lunch break. 35 minutes on elliptical and some weight machine work on Gimpy. I named my left side Gimpy.

One of my doctors called and changed his view on my diagnosis. He is greatly leaning towards MS instead of stroke upon further test review. Well, at least I might not have had a stroke at 30 years young. There’s that.

September 23, 2014

The more doctors I see, the more sure I am that the healthcare industry is a joke.

The Cardiologist said today that based on my current test results and profile, I’m really NOT a stroke risk at all, but yet my episode was so very much like a stroke. So the possibilities of HOW a stroke could have happened in this body are drastically reduced to either a fluke or the hole in the heart theory. I have to go back for a test where they inject me with bubbles to see if I have a hole. They saw my bruised arms today and said they could wait a few weeks while I heal from 20+ sticks and 3 1/2 IVs from the hospital.

Also my spinal tap came back positive for MS like characteristics such as the presence of oligoclonal bands.

However, my brain lesions including the old on my brain are nearly symmetrical!!!!! MS is supposed to be random! I must be a natural neuro artist to accomplish such a feat!! Neuro Art. Yes I’m making that a thing now.

ALSO, if it is a hole in the heart, they don’t even patch them anymore because relapse risk is extremely minimal. So what’s the point?

I need an extra strength FUKITOL and more raw vegan nourishment, water, yoga, meditation, and more exercise. That is what I’m prescribing myself. I think I know more than them at this point.

(NOTE – I saw my MRI film later and the 4 lesions are not symmetrical at all – as I had previously been told by several doctors.)

September 25, 2014

Transitioning to fully raw vegan seems more and more inevitable. Especially now with facing a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, my body needs all of Mother Nature’s tools to fight.

I’m already around 75%-90% fully raw vegan on a normal day. The final few craved cooked comforts are homemade miso veggie soups, tofu, rice, vegan cheese, noodles, and beans.

Let the alternative recipes come flying in! I’m an Umami junkie.

The focus is not about what I can’t have. It’s about what can be created instead.

My hometown hero Rawfully Organic’s Kristina is my inspiration. www.rawfullyorganic.com

Also, I think it may be time to get a legit Spiralizer.

Everything that is within my control, I willingly submit to the permanent lifestyle changes. Daily intense exercise, calming meditation, and raw vegan nutrition are all things I can control and be proactive with to prevent any further episodes. After that, I can honestly say that I did my best.

In other news, I’ve given up all caffeine and alcohol as of two and a half weeks ago. No more morning coffee or after work glass of wine. Amazing how a hospital tour can scare all the little vices out of you at once! 

September 26, 2014


My diagnosis after numerous opinions and even doctors changing their minds upon further review is now definitely relapsing Multiple Sclerosis. Knowing the enemy brings comfort, strategy, and actions to the fight. Let’s do this.

I’ve worked almost a full week at the office minus leaving for doctor appointments. I feel happy with purpose and opportunity to live normal.

The morning cool air makes me so happy. I love fall.

I’ve been driving myself since Monday with no issues.

It’s Friday. That’s always a good day.

I am exercising every day for a minimum of 30 minutes whether I feel good or not. I always feel better after exercising. Either I will hit the gym during the lunch hour or I will go after work with my favorite gym buddy boyfriend.

I’m crazy in love with my boyfriend. He’s been my rock through this entire ordeal. I know it must have been stressful for him. He really proved what I already knew. They don’t make them like this anymore.

I know it’s easy to use MS as an excuse for wallowing and inaction. My goal is to use it as my REASON for gratitude and action.

Someone asked me today why I was so happy about getting such a horrible diagnosis. I said, it’s far more horrible to suffer in confusion and uncertainty. I’d rather know the truth!

I’ll happily go fully raw if it gives me a fighting chance.