We stayed up late drinking Kombucha and raw coconut water and sampling holiday raw vegan Kandy Kale and watching the 90’s live action movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I remember I used to watch that movie (and the sequels) on repeat as a young kid and I would pretend that Leonardo was my boyfriend and we’d gang up on Raphael when he acted out. Mikie and Donny played ninja games with me and laughed with me like brothers.

I wanted to be a ninja too and have a ninja family with a wise ninja master as our father. I’d even live in the sewers to have that.

Maybe I wanted all that because my father, step mom, step brother, and step grandparents weren’t in my life anymore and I never got to meet my new sisters even though I talked to the older one when she was still in the womb.

Long story. Adults happened. My father, step mom, step brother, step grandparents, and two future sisters were gone from my life.

18 years of solitude later, we were reunited at a funeral. I’m grateful to have them back, even if we didn’t get to grow up together and even if they don’t carry around weapons on the back of their shells and scream “Cowabunga!!” But finally, I’m one of four.

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