Raw Vegan Day 34

BREAKFAST – 1 baby watermelon.  It fit perfectly on the plate.  Not pictured – 1 orange and 2 dates.

LUNCH – Spaghetti and tomato sauce.  3 zucchinis spiralized into Zoodles.  SAUCE – 1 carton of red grape tomatoes (I know!  Changing it up, right?), 2 dates, 1 small spoon of flaxseed oil (unfiltered coldpressed), 1 small spoon of yellow miso, 3 magical drops of Sriracha, and the 3 zucchini weenies left over from spiralizing.

I made this lunch at home this morning and took it with me to work.  The Zoodles softened in the sauce after sitting for a few hours, so the texture was perfect.

I am losing my taste for certain vegetables!  I’m horrified!!!  Dark leafy greens are beginning to taste bitter.  Certain combinations that I used to love now taste odd.  Texture is becoming much more important as well as… and I really hate to say this… sweetness.

This girl used to hate sweet things.  Fruit was blah.  Sugar was blah.  I loved salt and umami!  Since I cut way back on my sodium intake and heavily increased the fruits, I’m now craving sweet fruits constantly.  Even bananas, which I used to hate.  It is really bizarre.

People tell me they admire my willpower.  I say it’s nothing special.  I’m human.  We can do anything we set our minds to.  Plus, I’m sure there are even more hard core raw vegans out there than me who eat bark and dirt.  I’m probably like level 2 or whatever the rankings are.

The cooked food cravings are subsiding and processed cooked food smells… so strange.  Part of me wants to crave it and the other part is confused by it.  Such strange happenings in the body since going raw.

DINNER – This Sloppy Salad starts with a mega bowl of spring mix greens and 1 carton of red grape tomatoes.  Then drown it in Lemon Cilantro Carrot Dressing.  Don’t forget to drink the rest of the dressing.

DRESSING – The fresh Lemon Cilantro Carrot Dressing is made with juice squeezed from 1 small lemon, 2 cups of water (or less – it depends on how sloppy you want your salad – the more water you use, the thinner the dressing is.  I like mine very sloppy and watered down), a fist of cilantro, a squirt of flaxseed oil (unfiltered coldpressed), a palm full of cashews, a small spoon of yellow miso, 3 carrots, and 3 magical drops of Sriracha.  Vitamix that for maybe a minute to slaughter the carrots properly.  This Lemon Cilantro Carrot Dressing reminds me of salsa verde that you get in any Mexican restaurant with the appetizer chips.

DESSERT… Only if I’m still hungry, I might make a quick bowl of Warm Tomato Beet Soup later.  🙂

I am intentionally adding more specific fats to the routine like flaxseed oil because of the MS.  I know it’s probably not strict 80/10/10, but I feel better balancing it this way during the detox for now.  In time, I may reduce this.

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    1. I have to train myself to stay mindful now and write everything down! It’s a grand experiment! I’m sure I’ll have a few gems over the holidays as well as several flops! That’s the fun of it!

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